Sunday, 13 March 2016

Throwback Pictures

Yes I know I am owing this blog a lot of pictures from events I have been compering. 
I have been loading them on my Facebook page here 
However here are some something something to motivate you to go there for more including 
the full juicy gist about the events .
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My Radio Show is back for the 3rd Season - City Diaries

I am thankful to God for all things great and small. 
So my radio show is back. 3rd time on air but 2nd time on Metro FM 97.7. This time we have been given 7.30-8.30PM ...I loove the time belt for so many reasons including the fact that by the time I'm through, traffic would have dissipated. As usual I will be presenting the Sunday Imonah an OAP at the station who has been a great helper from above honestly. Thank you Metro FM for allowing God use you all in my life. God bless you guys.

 Please tune in, Lagos is stressful, I can help take some stress off as we gist, laugh and listen to some good music.

Dress Hunting in Lagos

So I was engaged to compere an event with a "phantom of the opera" theme. I was asked to wear a ball gown (Yikes). My first thought was  wouldn't that add volumes to my already voluptuous self?  Next thought was "where is Osas Ajibade?" I could totally rock that dress she wore to the AMVCA 2016 if its my size (serious doubt)..
Fabulous! Do you think there is that basket thingy under the dress?
So I asked my event planner who gave me the brief where I could find such a thing in Lagos.
She told me to go to a designer at the street just before Mobil on Awolowo road.
She said she patronizes only Nigerian designers. Yes Ma'am.
On my way...I stopped by a certain designer shop - name starting with 'O' ..I think number One Hundred and something ...the clothes there are beaded, quite heavy when you wear them.
 I went in; 3 sales girls...I was looking like a ragamuffin though (as I usually do sometimes off stage). One girl was nice. The other two looked like they could see that there was no money in my account. The security men were nicest. Helped me re-park my car and were generally polite.
Anyway I touched the dresses and tops...40k, 35k, 46K...etc... Odiegwu!!!

I could have picked any.. really... if it suited the purpose cos Madam Event Planner told me she will pay so who am I to not align...but nothing worked.

Moved on to the shop by Mobil. I walked,  cos traffic was a mess with fuel queues and all (GMB save us oh)...the sales girl there was nice.
Nothing that was my size interested back, show leg, show something. The things I liked were not my size and I learnt some secrets in that shop. ..Apparently people rent dresses so don't kill yourself and go and be buying million dollar designer dresses to attend events and keep up with the Kardashians when you can just rent a dress and pay for drycleaning.

So I moved on to my current domain...Festac...zilch!
Even tried a bridal shop ....Nope...either the dresses were indecent or not my size or too motherly...finally got to Lagos Island the time I crawled by 3 shops I found the perfect dress...My size, covers my assets and most importantly I can wear it again and again.

Compromised a bit on the size of the ball of the gown though.

The event was a blast. Photos loading soon.

Lesson learnt: Loose weight again oh Chigo. friendly to designers..they can hook you up!!

Chigo Compere and Chigul Comedian are very different people

Dear people of the world, friends, family, well wishers and colleagues in the entertainment business. The pix above is just to notify and clearly show that there is an Event Compere/MC named Chigo; referred to as 'Chigo Compere' and there is a Singer/ Comedienne named Chioma; referred to as 'Chigul'. They are very different but each one unique and strong in their own entertainment space with different routines and skills. They also have both been known to host radio shows while Chigul has hosted a TV show or more. They are both hilarious in their unique ways but please note they are very different.  God has plenty talented children with diverse manifestations. kindly take note and share if you can. Thank you.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Teaser Photo

This is from the sendforth of UBA Pensions Chairman and a director. I know I haven't been posting here as often as my Facebook page. This thing is work oh. Any tips?
More photos coming.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Awww Steve Harvey in Compere Nightmare

Good morning dear friends and family...Hey my God! Woke up this morning to see a scary story, I just glanced through cos fear no let me read every my man Steve Harvey- a celebrated American Comedian, Compere and talk show host was hosting the Miss Universe pageant and even though the teleprompter gave the correct winner, he announced another country as the winner. I wanted to just enter under my bed as I read it...that should be compere disaster nightmare number 2... Number 1 would probably be falling down on stage or having a wardrobe malfunction. Awww I feel so bad for him. Trust social media people they nearly ate him alive. I pray his publicist helps him come out of this unscathed cos this is a comedian's comedy.He probably believed so strongly the winner should have been the girl he announced then forgot to read. Chaiii. #comperenightmare

Monday, 16 November 2015

7 Tips for getting the best out of your FEMALE BOSS especially for men

1) Stop seeing her as female. See her as a human being who has achieved enough to earn the right to be your boss. If that thought governs your thoughts about her then it will flow through your actions and will most likely, seamlessly come through as RESPECT. Focus on her achievements as opposed to her gender.
2) Never EVER say things like..."I have never worked with a woman before" or "I have never reported to a woman before" or "My friends said working with a woman is tough"...bla bla bla,... please refer to number one.
3) Don't take her generosity, kindness or 'motherly' traits for granted. Most female  bosses show care, its almost second nature..."Have you eaten?" , How are you going home? etc...They 'look at your face' as we say in Nigeria but don't let them feel for a second that you are taking advantage of their kindness or taking them for granted. That lady gonna turn cold, stingy and mean so fast you will be left confused and unable to break down the walls. Resist having a sense of entitlement. Its not her job to take care of you. That's what your salary is for. So if she ever extends an act of kindness to you, understand its a privilege not a right.
4) Do not assume that it is OK to refer to her as Madam. Especially if she falls into any of these categories: 'Under 40', 'Single' or 'Plus sized'. Tread carefully on how to address her. Any title she doesn't like, DROP IT! FAST! Till you find what works. If you are in an office environment where people are called by their first names then please call her just that. You don't need to remind her she looks like a MADAM. Experiment until you find what works. Try "Ma"!, Try addressing her without any titles at all but be polite...use "Excuse me" or "please" to get her attention then make your request or speak on. You may coin a way of saying her name without making her feel old but still showing Ma'am Seki  or Lady Seki...but just find what works well with her or else one day you will call her that name and she will snap your head off  with her words then you will be wondering what you said wrong. My dear your cup has run over.  
5) DO not feel the need to compliment her on her looks especially if she is in business mode. There are very few serious minded boss ladies who care for your compliments. Its fine for them to see it in your eyes that you appreciate what you see but just leave it at that. No need to patronize. Except you have discovered that is her switch then in that case you can use it. However, most female bosses will switch off and get cold cos you are about to cross the line of  number one above. Would you start telling your male boss in a business situation...Wow sir this your shoe today...its so look hot...bla bla bla??? Think about it.
6) When she is upset, You need to LISTEN to what she is saying or complaining about and not read her with any stereotype assumptions. None of that hormone, monthly cycle, quarrel with husband, how are the children, husband is hard to find excuses. She is upset because of what she is saying, no more no less. Fix it as instructed. That's respect. Take her seriously or else she gonna push you off the cliff one day and you will be wondering what you did to deserve that.
7) When you want to ask her for a favour, go straight to the point. When you want to explain something to her, go straight to the point. She is female, not a child, not a weakling and definitely not  stupid. That's why she is the boss and  you are NOT yet...So RECOGNIZE or else she will make you recognize and oh so painfully you will.
If I have helped, or you would like to share...drop a line in the comment section. Thanks for reading.
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