Saturday, 4 January 2014

Watched 'Last Flight to Abuja'.... So here is my review!

Last flight to Abuja was an amazing production,

I loved every minute of it. The movie used flashbacks and lots of suspense to tell a very touching story.

Someone had told me the  movie was about a plane crash and nobody was falling in love in the movie so I had been reluctant to watch it all this while but alas, I finally did. Where do I start?

 Everyone in the movie was on point. Big Ups to the movie director. Cinematography on point, Omotola's make up ..flawless, the pilot's acting...perfecto!

Some people obviously had 3 lines to cram sha and they reeled out their lines mechanically but they were very few. Most people acted brilliantly. It was also clear that the producers and director did their research...Awesome!

I must specially recognize the pilot in the movie..same guy who was also in Lekki Wives, the one who reminds us of R-Kelly and the bespectacled character who the police were after in the movie...OMG! You guys just take the crown...somebody pass them an award or two. Well done.

Everything about Last Flight to Abuja was lovely. I didnt watch it at a cinema but it would have been worth going to the cinema to watch. No you wouldnt hiss after watching it at the cinema.

Big Well Done! I rate this movie a huge 9.

It would have been 10 but the CD was cracking soooo.....:)


  1. Happy New Year! I beg to disagree with you on this one. The cinematography had some flaws...the scene where the plane was about to crash and when it did eventually crash...the computer generated graphics were too obvious.

  2. It is true. You are correct, I noticed that part too it was fake "ish" yes!


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