Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chigo is NOT a Comedian!

Sometimes I get calls from people asking me to please come and tell a few jokes for a few minutes and I decline because I am not a comedian and then they say ....”But you crack jokes naa and you are funny...” and thus the long story begins on why I say I am not a comedian.
I can’t just come for a few minutes and crack jokes then you pay me and I go.....that’s not what I do.
I’m like a captain, a my ads say....I steer the event from start to finish and this includes announcing the presence of the comedian.

Yes I’m funny but I use humour as my spice and not my staples ....*Snap! Snap!*

 ...Neither am I a bland MC who just announces the next item with a straight face  and lots of high technical jargon.

 Some MCs even quarrel with the crowd because he said they should clap and they didn’t clap or they should come out and dance and they didn’t come out. ....but why should they?

The guests should relax and have fun and if you need them to do something let the choice be up to them don’t order them to do it, make them think the idea was theirs in the first place....You are the entertainer...Yish!!

For our wedding reception, darling hubby (hereafter known as PDoc) hired an MC (seeing as I couldn’t do it while being the blushing bride) and this MC turned out to be a comedian and it affected the whole ceremony less than positively (No hard feelings bro) but it is a mistake a lot of people make and that’s why I am writing this post.

He kept telling loads of Jokes and often forgot to move to the next item on the program. Then above all, because there was no real system to the “madness” he finished the event too quickly and a lot of my guests didn’t get served their food and drinks because before we could say love, the event was over ...PDoc and I drank cartons of wine for months hence his fear of wine till date.

The food wasted: Pounded yam, rice, a la carte, et al...Thankfully there were lots of starters so people ate but they just didnt get to the main course.
I still sigh deeply on days I am hungry and there is no food in sight....if only I could go back to my wedding day and eat some ....then return.

I have been at events where the comedian would tell jokes that end up embarrassing the clients and their guests. How do you tell targeted racist jokes at an event where the management are nationals of your targeted jokes? How? Why?

Then there is the poor grammar! It works excellently when it’s time for comic relief but as with everything in life, an event is no exception there is time to be formal and time to be informal and then downright ridiculous.

I’m always proud of myself and happy for my world class training when I can blend with an event no matter the nature of the it a Career fair, an AGM, a wedding, product launch, religious forum etc.

A Compere takes ownership of the event and flows with the plan. I have been to events where the MC or comedian does not even understand the matter and makes no effort to understand...... like one time there was a new product launch and there was a pre existing  product of that category in the market and my professional colleague..... Master of ceremony “someborry” (Oh my God) kept shouting and  referring to the new product saying that it is just like the existing product!

Of course he did not finish the job.

Please save yourself the embarrassment or that after feeling that you wasted your money.... hire a  proper Compere for your event, one that can  strike a fine balance between sense and and function...serious and ridiculous....Hire ME.

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